Talent Registration Form

Filling in the talent registration form online is easy if you’re looking for more ways to promote your act. We’d love to hear from you and all artistes are welcome. Maybe you are new to the world of entertainment and looking for ways to promote yourself to a wider audience. Send full details via the secure form below. Wherever you are based in the world we will have a social networking option available which will help to bring attention to your entertainment. Data is protected and used only with permission for promotional purposes.

Talent Registration Form

Please send in your EPK link where possible. We’d appreciate a 300 word biog, a selection of photos, some mp3 tracks and a link to a YouTube video to be used on our channel with your permission. Add your contact and press pack details on the talent registration form, a copy of your PLI and PAT certification where appropriate and an indication of your base fee. We look forward to hearing from you.

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We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Keep in touch.

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